Venus is a terrestrial planet. Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system, why not Mercury? That’s because Venus doesn’t have an ozone layer so the heat that enters the planet is trapped there and won’t come out. Venus is the second closest planet to the Sun after Mercury. Venus has no natural satellites. Venus is almost the same size as Earth, humans call it Earth’s twin because no ther planet has it. Venus is a very extreme planet, it has a avery thick and very poisonous atmoshphere made of carbon dioxide. It’s not over yet, Venus has very thick and very poisonous clouds, the clouds in Venus can also produce sulfuric acid rain which will make you seriously injured if hit. This planet has a very large greenhouse effect, there is global warming everywhere. It sounds like Earth but in the apocalypse version. Breaking news! A few months ago, humans discovered phosphine in a Venus. phosphine is a substance that can only be produced by living things.


Venus has a surface area of 460.2 million km².

Venus has a mass of 4.867E24 kg.

Distance from the sun: 0.7 AU (astronomical unit)

Venus takes 243 days on Earth for 1 rotation (spin on its axis).

Venus takes 224.7 days on Earth to complete 1 orbit around the sun.

Venus does not rotate sideways, but Venus rotates upward. Venus doesn’t actually rotate but spin on its axis. Venus rotates so slowly that it makes its shape almost completely spherical.

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the conditions of venus under the clouds

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