Mercury is a terrestrial planet. Mecury is the smallest planet in the solar system. Mercury is also the closest planet to the sun. Because Mercury is very close to the sun, Mercury has a fairly fast revolution time. Mercury has a surfaces made of rock and has a large number of craters. Mercury has neither an atmoshphere nor a moon. Mercury is not only gray, but Mercury has many colors such as orange, dark blue, yellow and many more. However, this color is not very visible because it is very far from Earth and has a dominant color, namely gray. The invisibility is also influenced by the Earth’s atmoshphere which makes it very difficult for us to see other celestial bodies. Mercury is a simple planet.


Mercury has a surface area of 74.8 million km².

Mercury has a mass of 3.285E23 kg.

Distance from the sun: 0.4 AU (astronomical unit)

Mercury takes 59 days on Earth for 1 rotation (spin on its axis).

Mercury takes 88 days on Earth to complete 1 orbit around the sun.

Mercury rotates very slowly but revolves quickly. Even Mercury takes several revolutions to complete 1 day, from morning to night then to morning again.

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